Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Hermes Advisory – Financial Expertise in Legal Disputes

Hermes Advisory specializes in financial and forensic services in support of litigation. A leader in our field in the Netherlands, we focus on :

  • Valuation in disputes
  • Dispute resolution (financial loss assessment in individual claims or mass claims)
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy or near bankruptcy investigations
  • Forensic investigation

We distinguish ourselves from other firms in that we explain each case clearly and in detail to our clients and back up our arguments with evidence. We work closely with our clients and, where relevant, with their lawyers or legal advisors. Combining our specialist knowledge and experience with a keen judgment of the situation, we offer our clients and their lawyers the support they need to resolve difficult disputes to their satisfaction.

Our professional advisers have all had at least ten years of experience working for international law firms, accountancy firms, or investment banks. Their experience and our practice of assigning both financial and legal/tax experts to our case teams mean we can quickly assess all the implications and aspects of a case.

Cooperation is the form, communication the key

Close cooperation leads to more efficiency and a better understanding of each other’s views and concerns, resulting in faster and more broadly supported decisions.

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Sharing knowledge increases understanding and facilitates a new, broader perspective

By taking a broad perspective in addition to offering our professional expertise, we at Hermes Advisory help our clients weigh their decisions more carefully and rely less on the opinions of others.

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Well begun is half done

Mismatched expectations, terms of engagement, interests, and areas of expertise lead to enormous frustration. Time and effort will be wasted if when the mismatches are not recognized, communicated and resolved from the start.

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