Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Hermes Advisory – Transparency in Financial Restructurings

The numerous bankruptcies every year show how difficult it is to run a healthy business. Financial problems can arise in every shape and size: disappointing income and bad debtors, over-financing, poor strategic choices, reorganizations that do not have the intended effect, and so on. But even fast-growing, profitable organizations often end up in financial trouble because their accounting processes cannot keep pace with their growth. As a result, management is unable to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Hermes Advisory takes a hands-on approach to helping those organizations regain their financial health. We support directors and managers in redefining their strategic goals and the paths towards achieving them. We also link strategic goals to methods of implementation and reshape the internal organization so that it is best equipped to achieve those goals. At Hermes Advisory, we do more than simply issue advice; we believe in getting involved. We work side-by-side with directors, managers, and employees, and we support, communicate, explain, and account for our actions to all the parties involved so that everything is transparent. Structure and organization are not dictated from the top down, but are embedded in the corporate culture. Cooperation is the form, communication the key.

For more information, please contact:

Pieter van Prooijen: +31 6 301 54 753 (mobile phone)

Hermes Advisory – Our professionals support you in recapitalizing your business

We specialize in:

  • Helping companies start over in bankruptcy situations
  • Attracting new capital from banks and investors
  • Financial restructuring processes for companies in dire straits
  • Assisting companies that a bank has placed under special asset management

These are short and intensive procedures requiring targeted action. We know where our expertise lies, and we also know when it is time to call in other experts, such as insolvency lawyers, tax lawyers, pension consultants, or employment lawyers.As former bankers, we know how to speed up banking procedures to ensure financing for your company. Indeed, the bank’s interests are also best served when your company receives a loan to continue its business.

“One of the most crucial factors for financiers is to have access to accurate information. If they do not understand what is going on in your company, they cannot be expected to provide capital. That goes not only for banks, but especially for informal investors. We have helped many a client convey what is going on in a company in terms that give a bank or investor what they need to provide financing.”

When a company requires new or additional capital, its business model must scrutinized in-depth. Once we understand a business model completely and know the risks involved, we can tell, fairly quickly, whether the company can obtain financing or which investor it should approach.

For more information, please contact:

Pieter van Prooijen: +31 6 301 54 753 (mobile phone)