Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Sharing knowledge increases understanding and facilitates a new, broader perspective

Hermes Advisory offers people a new perspective that complements what they already know. We do this by organizing post-graduate training courses in which we regard our knowledge of forensic services and loss valuation from a legal perspective. We also do this by conducting financial investigations within the legal parameters and laws and regulations applicable to accountants. And we do this by linking our strategic objectives with our operational activities and corporate culture.

By offering clients our professional expertise and a broader perspective, we help them weigh their decisions more carefully and rely less on the opinions of others, making it is easier for them to quickly take the right decision.

Hermes Advisory’s partners also share their knowledge by giving guest lectures and speaking at seminars.

Hermes Advisory has set up a partnership with oPEn Campus

oPEn Campus organizes financial training courses for lawyers, trustees in bankruptcy and judges.

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