Sunday, 23 February 2020

Hermes Advisory – Financial Expertise in Legal Disputes

drs Inge-Lisa Toxopeus RA
T: +31 (0)6 240 90 270

Inge-Lisa started her career in 1998 as a member of PwC’s international audit practice, where she acquired professional experience in auditing the financial statements of both large multinational businesses and smaller organizations. Having obtained her degree as a Registered Accountant, Inge-Lisa transferred to PwC’s forensic team to specialize in the conduct and management of fraud investigations.

During the same period, Inge-Lisa also gained experience in financial loss investigations and calculations. At the end of 2002, she accepted a position with a private consulting firm, where she continued to work on fraud and financial loss investigations. In early 2007, Inge-Lisa moved to NautaDutilh to help build its audit practice and the multidisciplinary team set up to conduct internal investigations for clients. As of 2012, she has been a partner in Hermes-Advisory, engaging in loss calculation and legal support.

Inge-Lisa has broad experience in teaching lawyers and accountants. She is a lecturer at the Law Firm School and the CPO (Centre for Post-Graduate Legal Training). Inge-Lisa is also as a lecturer and program manager associated with the Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance in Rotterdam and is involved in developing the executive program for Financial Forensic Experts..

Inge-Lisa is listed in the National Register of Court Experts (Landelijk Register Gerechtelijk DeskundigenLRGD) as a forensic accountant specializing in fraud and financial loss investigations.

drs Pieter Christiaan van Prooijen RV
T: +31 (0)6 301 54 753

Having worked for an insurance company for a number of years, Pieter Christiaan continued his professional career at PwC Business Recovery. As a member of that team, he was responsible for numerous cost-saving operations, business restarts in bankruptcy situations, and financial restructuring projects. In 2005 Pieter Christiaan moved to Fortis Bank, where he joined the Global Acquisition & Leveraged Finance Team and closed a large number of small and bigger international M&A finance transactions. From 2009 to 2011, Pieter Christiaan worked on a range of financial restructuring projects for ABN AMRO / Fortis Bank, Financial Restructuring & Recovery.

Pieter Christiaan has a degree in business economics as well as post-graduate certificates in Forensic Accountancy (NIVRA/Nyenrode and Leiden University) and Business Valuation (RSM Erasmus University). Pieter Christiaan is listed as a Chartered Valuator with the Dutch Institute of Chartered Valuators (NIRV) and as a valuation and finance expert in the National Register of Court Experts (Landelijk Register van Gerechtelijk DeskundigenLRGD).

drs Jeanette Brouwer RA
T: +31 (0)6 238 81 052

Jeanette started her career in 2004 in the Forensic Services Department of KPMG. In 2010 she moved to a financial loss niche firm, where she specialized in bankruptcy investigations and loss calculation.

In 2013 she set up her own business, offering expertise in bankruptcy fraud, loss calculation, and capital restructuring. Jeanette has acquired broad experience in financial (fraud) investigations and in supporting lawyers and trustees in directors’ liability and financial loss cases. She joined forces with Hermes Advisory in early 2014, making it the leading expert in finance in legal disputes.

Jeanette is also a lecturer at Radboud University Nijmegen and the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary (Studiecentrum Rechtspleging), where she teaches trustees in bankruptcy and bankruptcy judges about interpreting financial statements and bankruptcy fraud. Since 2014, Jeanette has also been the senior lecturer in Interpreting Financial Statements at the new Professional Training Programme for Lawyers (Beroepsopleiding Advocaten).

Jeanette is listed in the National Register of Court Experts (Landelijk Register Gerechtelijk Deskundigen; LRGD) as a forensic account specializing in forensic investigations, bankruptcy fraud, loss valuation, and capital restructuring.